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Inspired by the Chinese Diaspora to Nanyang (now known as Southeast Asia), byMeichi CNY 2024 collection “A memoir of Nanyang” reimagine the history of Chinese migrants to an exciting unknown land down south.

This collection fantasizes their life then and how courage, hope and dreams brought them to explore greener grass on the other side. The recollections of exuberated early pioneers building a life and family as well as how they integrated their culture with the locals.

This collection find​s the reinterpretation of byMeichi’s signature jacquard fabric, combined seamlessly with other fabric bringing a burst of synergy aesthetically. A few new elements yet to be used in the previous CNY creations set centerstage in this well-curated collection.

One, intricate hand sewn embroideries steals the light of ” Nanyang Journal” combining Chinese oldest craft to a modern cut and functionality. While an impeccable touch added to an otherwise perfectly cut minimalist Cheongsam with one-of-a-kind beads embroidery giving it opulent sophistication.

A clever convergence of traditional and distinctive cut of byMeichi resulting in feminine yet bold silhouettes of lasting impression.



A fusing of Chinese heritage and modernity, this collection captures the Chinese aesthetics in chic and contemporary creations.

You will find fresh western cut in some of the pieces merging the East and West fashion creating a compelling silhouette.

Unconventional choice of embellishment reinterpreting the Chinese elements channelling emphasis to the feature buttons and high collar neckline