Going outdoors with the wind

going outdoors with the wind


Every consultation starts with description of how the wedding will be with details on the venue and theme, so that I can grasp a better idea to design a gown that would not only fit the bride’s silhouette but also the whole feel of the wedding.

With Jenn, it was an elopement to this lake house where the ceremony will be outdoors surrounded with nature. When I received these shots from Jenn, it was what and more of how I imagined it. So intimate and beautiful!

Jenn wanted something that is unconventional, below mid-calf but it has to be flowy, flowy and flowy! I suggested using classic chiffon as a base so it would flow with the wind, and to add a hint of personalisation to her dress, a draped tulle bodice topped with my signature beads embroidery.

The embroidery has elements of beads and silver, ivory threads in a botanical design that really added character to her gown!

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